Disclaimer Policy

The nature and scope of this disclaimer in what it states explicitly and what it implies, taken in its letter and spirit is with regard to the use of the ReportsDesk website for information as well as for the purchase of any products, and is meant for all users without exception. Users are hereby advised to check the authenticity of information related to every product or service mentioned on the website and ascertain whether or not the product they intend to purchase meets their unique requirements. The onus is entirely on the users (individual and institutional).

Disclaimer Statement:

The ReportsDesk website is of general nature and all details provided on it are basically aimed at disseminating as much preliminary and introductory information pertaining to products as could be deemed necessary for any prospective client to be able to make an informed choice from among available options.

It is the sole responsibility of our clients (individual and institutional) to verify the contents of any of our products and seek professional advice, should they so deem fit, to determine its relevance and reliability. This is critical considering the inherently volatile nature of most markets globally which are constantly in a state of flux. ReportsDesk's in-house team of experts, can however, upon special request by our clients, provide whatever assistance possible, aimed at facilitating a decision on whether or not to purchase a product. Please contact us at sales@reportsdesk.com if you need help.

ReportsDesk ensures constant monitoring of the quality of information available on our website. Updates of new products are easily available. However, we at ReportsDesk do not accept any legal liability arising whatsoever from any possible complaint any of our clients might have, which may be directly or indirectly related to the accuracy and completeness of any of the facts and figures contained in the contents of any of the products available through our website.

Third-party perceptions and analyses, which are based on their own comprehension of current market realities, in any sphere or geography, are incorporated in the products available on the ReportsDesk website. While we do subject all submissions made by authors and publishing houses to rigorous in-house scrutiny, for possible plagiarism or copyright violations, we accept them in good faith, but such acceptance on our part does not constitute our endorsement of the material in question.

Indeed, the views expressed in any study or report, which we make available on our website, are those of the authors or institutions that have produced the study or report, and may not even reflect ReportsDesk's articles of faith.

ReportsDesk does not guarantee or offer any warranties of any kind whatsoever with regard to either our website or any of the products that we have made available on it.

The above Disclaimer is subject to change in keeping with emerging realities, and ReportsDesk reserves the right to modify it, or any part thereof, at any given point in time, to reflect our new policies or products.